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Complaints forum hopes to expand into British market:

Complaints forum hopes to expand into British market:

Complaints forum hopes to expand into British market

Sunday, August 27, 2006 - By Elizabeth McGuane

Samantha Kotey was one of ten young entrepreneurs selected for last year’s Create Ireland training programme, which was set up by Enterprise Ireland to support new digital media companies.

The business plan she developed on the year-long course has turned her new online business, page views increase by nearly 500,000 in August

I'm happy to say that the number of people visiting increased substantially in August. We've been averaging at about 7.5 to 8 million page views for the past few months; this increased to nearly 8.5 million in August. (These figures include visitors to our subsite.)

Average: 7.14 P/V
Visits: 1,186,247
Page views: 8,468,102 Ltd., MCD Productions and Legal Proceedings

Notice from Tom Murphy on behalf of the owners of Ltd.:

As of Friday, 11th August 2006, MCD Productions have entered into legal proceedings against Ltd.

At this time we cannot make, or allow, comment on an ongoing legal action against Please understand and accept that we cannot enter into public debate or discussion about it.

Babycare guru demands closure of 'defamatory' site | The Register

Interesting story today about author Gina Ford, who is a familiar name to many new parents!  This is relevant to's recent legal threats, especially the oft-quoted Demon vs. Godfrey case...

Babycare expert Gina Ford is threatening to sue UK parenting site Mumsnet and its ISP after allegedly defamatory comments were posted about her on the site. The postings have been removed, but Ford's lawyers are demanding that Mumsnet's ISP take the whole site offline. Map

Here's a map showing where people are buying and selling items using, powered by Google Maps. To get locations for each county, I used John Handelaar's town/city to geocode utility for Ireland and IShareMaps town/city to geocode utility for the UK (for Northern Ireland), along with the names of the county towns from Wikipedia.


Latest Addition to the Boards Group On Its Way...


I recently acquired the domain name so I hope to create a new site there shortly. In the meantime, I've also bought which I've rebranded as

"Website is curbed in Oxegen row", Evening Herald, 26th July 2006

LEGAL THREAT: MCD stung by criticism

Website is curbed in Oxegen row

Evening Herald, 26th July 2006

by Mark Hilliard

MCD has sent a solicitor's letter to a popular website after several users criticised conditions at the Oxegen music festival.

Concert goers had flooded the site with numerous allegations relating to a range of anti-social incidents in the camp sites. Now Ireland’s Busiest Certified Property Site Now Ireland’s Busiest Certified Property Site

I read with interest the snippet in yesterday's Sunday Times business section that is now Ireland's #1 website, according to certified traffic audited by ABC Electronic.

More Legal Threats, This Time from Switch Media

Legal Threat from Switch Media. Please do not refer to them again here. Ever. -

Now we have been threatened with legal action from Chris Evans at Switch Media and their solicitors Beauchamps. This was pretty annoying, the shoot first (with a solicitor's letter), tell us to sort the problem afterwards policy really doesn't work people. I'm talking to the clients in this case, not the solicitors (they just did what they were told to I guess).

Irish Psychics Live Solicitor's Request for Apology and Removal of Defamatory Content on

Last week, we received a letter from McCann Fitzgerald, solicitors for Mr. Tom Higgins, MD of Realm Communications Ltd. which owns Irish Psychics Live.

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