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Another successful defense by Uldis Bojars in November

Uldis Bojars submitted his PhD thesis entitled "The SIOC MEthodology for Lightweight Ontology Development" to the University in September 2009. We had a nice night out to celebrate in one of our favourite haunts, Oscars Bistro.

Tales from the SIOC-o-sphere #7

20080403a.png It's been three months since my last round-up of all things SIOC-ed, so here is entry number seven in the series:

DataPortability and me, JB

As part of the DataPortability initiative, I've put together this video explaining why I think it's important and how it fits in with the Semantic Web and SIOC:

Semantic Web for Dummies

20080220a.jpg I referenced this on the SIOC-Dev mailing list recently, and when I pasted it on the steering group chat this morning (in parallel with our first phone conference), Drum - create and share tags across your online communities

As mentioned in a previous blog post, has just launched. The main objective of is to demonstrate how Semantic Web and Web 2.0 technologies can be combined to provide better metadata creation and sharing support across various online communities.

State of the SIOC-o-sphere (#5)

It's that random time of the year again where I summarise what's been going on in the world of SIOC...

Testing Yahoo! Pipes

Yes, it's very cool! RSS fans, prepare to be blown away. Via this Slashdot article and CaptSolo's post on sioc-dev:

From mboxes to the Semantic Web

Illustrative picture from the SWAML group, courtesy of Wikier - shows mboxes being coverted to a combination of FOAF, SIOC and DC metadata.


The full report on SWAML (in Spanish) is now available at

Buxon visor for sioc:Forum browsing

I've been testing out the Buxon visor for browsing SIOC forums, created by the SWAML developers and written in PyGTK.

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